Friday, September 25, 2009

Steve Reiss - The End of Summer

Steve Reiss and I got to emailing back and forth yesterday about various things, one being surfing. One of Steve's current development projects is The End of Summer: A Documentary Film.

For the past 50 years, surfing has been the last word in cool. But there's a very real chance that surfing may be too successful for its own good. As difficult as it is to imagine, coastal development, rampant pollution and global warming threaten to destroy the oceans and the lifestyle surrounding it -- IN OUR LIFETIME. The surfing industry has sounded the alarm, but with the situation worsening by the day, a handful of environmental warriors have taken it in their hands to save the oceans and surfing itself before it is too late. The End of Summer is their story.

End of Summer is in development as a series for Cable and a doc with Filmmaker Mark Jeremias (One California Dayand Executive Producer Alison Palmer formerly of IFC Films. The idea here is to start a dialogue and get the most relevant people on the planet, who deal with this subject on a daily basis, to form a hub of sorts and make change happen quickly – for the better of course. 

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